Kuehne+Nagel expands spare parts logistics for the automotive industry

Kuehne+Nagel now oversees a 170,000 sq m centre for the fulfilment and distribution of spare parts in automotive industry in Wallersdorf, Germany.

From this hub, spare parts are dispatched to BMW markets globally. Kuehne+Nagel handles the physical reception of goods, pre-packaging, management of packaging materials and empties, as well as loading goods onto shuttles for delivery to BMW parts distribution sites.

Additionally, at the Dingolfing and Bruckberg facilities, Kuehne+Nagel manages the logistical operations for BMW spare parts destined for global distribution. These sites supply regional distribution centres worldwide, which, in turn, ensure timely delivery to local BMW dealerships.

With approximately 1,700 employees across various locations worldwide, Kuehne+Nagel significantly aids the BMW Group in spare parts logistics.

“We are delighted to expand our role in spare parts logistics for the BMW Group,” remarks Tobias Jerschke, National Manager of Kuehne+Nagel Germany. “We assist our customer in enhancing efficiency in spare parts supply and adapting more flexibly. Our expertise in this field and the growing trust between our teams are key factors in this endeavour.”

Source: Kuehne+Nagel