Kuehne+Nagel’s Expansion: New Cross-Dock Centre in Poland

Kuehne+Nagel has inaugurated a new cross-dock centre near the Deepwater Container Terminal (DCT) at the port of Gdansk, which is among the swiftly expanding terminals in Poland. This fresh facility, tailored for sea and road operations, caters to the escalating demand for transport solutions in the area.

Spanning over 3,300 sq m with an additional 200 sq m designated for office use, the centre manages commodities entering Poland via the world’s largest ocean vessels, including major Far East ports, through Kuehne+Nagel’s weekly service routes. Integrated into Kuehne+Nagel’s European groupage network, it aims for daily distribution of goods to local and European hubs. Positioned between Gdansk and Gdynia, the new centre facilitates handling of goods from port to warehouse, with proximity to Gdansk airport further expediting deliveries to the airfield.

The team stationed at the new centre oversees the handling of goods destined for Poland, offering short-term storage options, as well as those transhipped from sea containers and readied for onward transportation. Supplementary services such as pelletising, labelling, and sorting are accessible for cargo under customs scrutiny, alongside domestic and EU shipments.

Jacek Liszewski, Sea Logistics Manager at Kuehne+Nagel Poland, remarked, “The establishment of the sea and road cross-dock centre represents a strategic step to bolster the efficiency and resilience of our customers’ supply chains – be they exporters or importers. This new site will augment the logistical capabilities in the region, bolstering Poland’s trade with global counterparts and facilitating our customers’ foray into new foreign markets. It underscores Kuehne+Nagel’s steadfast commitment to constructing dependable and seamless supply chains, delivering services to bolster the expansion of our partners.”


Source: Kuehne+Nagel