LX Pantos launches new reforestation project

LX Pantos announced its new ESG program for reforestation. The company is launching a five-year project, dubbed the Forest of Regeneration, which is aimed at rejuvenating the wildfire-afflicted forests of Gangwon-do. This five-year project began with 25 members of LX Pantos’s Forest Guardians volunteer group planting the first 600 acacia trees in the wildfire-ravaged area of Yachon-ri, Guktojeongjungang-myeon, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do.

Conceived in response to the devastating 2022 wildfires in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do province, the Forest of Regeneration project marks a departure from the typical ceremonial events of corporate tree-planting efforts. Instead, LX Pantos has committed to a comprehensive and enduring effort that harnesses the collective will of its employees. The Forest Guardians volunteers are set to enrich the local ecosystem with a total of 3,600 acacia trees by 2028, engaging in sustained activities that include planting, maintenance, weed control, and fertilization.

This initiative is expected to yield a substantial environmental impact, with the newly planted acacia forest projected to absorb approximately 250 tons of carbon over the next 30 years. The selection of acacia trees, known for their role as vital nectar source trees that feed bees, also aims to bolster the populations and habitats of endangered bee species.

Two organizations support LX Pantos’s commitment to the initiative. Peace Forest, a civil organization specializing in forest restoration, is providing professional teams and equipment to assist in tree planting, while the Northern Regional Office of the Korea Forest Service is providing the land site for reforestation. 

Speaking about this initiative, Yunju Maeng, head of LX Pantos’s Management Support Office, stated, “We hope that our genuine commitment will make a meaningful contribution to the restoration of forests and ecosystems,” and added, “LX Pantos will continue to be a leader in addressing environmental issues and contribute to local communities through various ESG management activities.”

The Forest of Regeneration is only one part of LX Pantos’s broader ESG-driven initiatives. In line with its ESG management philosophy, “Value Deliverer for People and the Planet,” LX Pantos is pioneering the eco-friendly transition in the logistics industry by participating in the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), obtaining the environmental management system ISO 14001 certification, and installing solar power facilities at its logistics centers.

Source: LX Pantos