LX Pantos Starts “Golden Time Keepers”

LX Pantos has launched a new program called “Golden Time Keepers” to take on the role of workplace safety monitors, with the overall goal of creating a safer workplace. The initiative aims to seize upon the crucial 4-minute window known as the “golden time” for performing CPR, which can significantly increase the survival rate of a patient in cardiac arrest.

On February 14, 2024, LX Pantos held its 2024 Golden Time Keeper Appointment Ceremony at its headquarters in Jongno-gu, Seoul. In attendance were CEO Lee Yong-ho and 20 other employees, including the newly appointed Golden Time Keepers.

In the event of cardiac arrest, the 15 appointed Golden Time Keepers will promptly respond to cardiac arrest emergencies within the company by swiftly moving to the patient and performing CPR, according to the following response protocols: first person on the scene presses the nearest emergency bell (21 emergency bells installed internally), flashing lights flicker and a verbal announcement goes off (e.g., “Cardiac arrest in Zone B, Floor A!”), emergency text messages (including patient location) are sent to the Golden Time Keepers and the Safety & Health Team, Golden Time Keepers rush to the patient and immediately perform CPR (utilizing internally available automated external defibrillators [AEDs]).

Since the end of 2022, LX Pantos has been conducting CPR training for all employees to protect themselves and customers from potential cardiac arrest incidents. To date, approximately 40% of LX Pantos employees at its domestic premises, totaling 762 individuals, have completed CPR training. From this group, 15 of them who completed advanced training were designated as this year’s Golden Time Keepers.

The company firmly believes that employees who have completed CPR training will be able to perform rescue measures within the golden time frame in unforeseen emergency situations, ensuring the safety of both colleagues and customers at their contact points.

Commenting on this, Kim In-cheol, the Safety & Health Team leader at LX Pantos, stated, “CPR is the most essential emergency treatment if you want to be prepared for emergencies that can occur anytime, anywhere in our daily lives.” He went on to add, “We will continue to strengthen our safety management system to ensure that all employees can work knowing they’ll be attended to when they need help.”

Source: LX Pantos