Maersk opens logistics centre at port of Barcelona

Maersk logistics centre

Maersk has opened its logistics centre for South Western Europe at port of Barcelona (Zal Port). The newly built 8,168 sq m facility will provide logistics services to the Iberian Peninsula and the South of France while meeting tenergy efficiency and sustainability criteria.

Built in the Port of Barcelona, Maersk’s new logistics centre has an 11-meter-high storage area which allow higher capacity density. It has 39 loading docks which makes it flagship for transfer operations in Barcelona. The building includes self-sufficient energy generating solar panels, an efficient installation and electric vehicle chargers.

Diego Perdones, Managing Director for Southwest Europe and Maghreb at Maersk stated: “Our goal is change logistics (sic) from being an art of problem-solving into a science of opportunity-seeking, increasing the offer of comprehensive solutions for our customers and making them available for all types of companies, regardless of their size and/or industrial sector. Our focus is mainly on the deconsolidation of imported goods for their subsequent distribution both in Spain and Portugal as well as the South of France.”

This facility is equipped with modern technology for logistics activity, a key aspect in the global supply chain that is increasingly focused on the flow and visibility of information behind the movement of goods.

Perdones added: “Maersk aims to improve and expand its services, providing its customers with end-to-end logistics services via intermodal solutions which guarantee operational flexibility and optimization of transport costs by managing cargo for efficient reception both at their distribution centres as well as direct deliveries to their final customers.”

Maersk’s new facility for Southern West Europe is part of CILSA`s new building projects within the ZAL Port (+350,000 sq m), an industrial area of + 920,000 sq m that will be part of a Logistics Park specifically designed for storage, management distribution and transportation of cargo.

Source: Maersk Group