Maersk upgrades its digital warehousing and distribution with JDA


Maersk is set to upgrade its digital distribution and warehousing with JDA Software Inc.’s Warehouse Management solutions, further building its logistics services. The move is part of Maersk’s ongoing focus on digital technologies that simplify its customers’ increasingly complex supply chains. 

The addition of JDA’s cloud-based solutions will attempt to expand the range and flexibility of Maersk’s delivery services. The aim of JDA’s Warehouse Management System is to help Maersk customers improve warehousing processes and efficiency while lowering inventory costs. It is also said to help Maersk customers balance the imperative of on-time delivery with the need for cost-effective distribution. 

Maersk will initially deploy JDA Warehouse Management in Europe (Gothenburg) and the U.S. (Newark and Santa Fe) in Q4 of 2019 and will use these sites to build the template for the global rollout across Maersk warehouse facilities.

Source: Maersk