Mapletree and SF Express sign up to long-term strategic partnership

Mapletree Logistics Trust has acquired logistics property in South Korea for KRW35.8bn.

Mapletree Investments and SF Express have signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement, under which the two companies will establish a long-term strategic partnership to collaborate in each other’s logistics networks.

In this strategic partnership, Mapletree will provide solutions and customisation of warehouse facilities, in order to meet SF’s business requirements.

SF’s Head of General Affairs Centre, Mr David Zheng said, “The good experiences while working with Mapletree on recent projects, as well as the strong support that Mapletree can provide with their established expertise in developing, managing and operating logistics facilities, prompted us to continue the strategic partnership. This will provide assurance to our business expansion, as well as ensuring our customers with quality services.”

Mr Lee Ark Boon, Mapletree Chief Executive Officer, Logistics Development, China, said, “Mapletree and SF have maintained a strong working relationship. Our recent joint projects had also shown win-win results for both parties. Mapletree’s extensive experience and insights in logistics real estate will support SF’s growth plans. At the same time, we aim to provide customers with an edge in the competitive logistics industry. We are also hopeful in broadening the cooperation scope, to leverage on Mapletree’s global resources and networks to support SF’s expansion plans. China’s rapid growth in its domestic consumer market has further boosted the demand for high quality modern warehouse facilities. To meet this demand, Mapletree will continue to expand our presence in the China market.”

Source: Mapletree