Marken extends capabilities with new pharmaceutical license in Moscow

Marken continues expansion of global footprint by adding new depots and additional hubs in the US, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Ireland and Switzerland.

Marken has announced that its Moscow depot was granted a new pharmaceutical license from the Russian Federation.

In addition to the storage and transportation of drugs used in clinical trials, Marken’s newest Moscow Depot will now be legally authorized to perform the following activities:

  • Wholesale trade of drug substances for medicinal application, including patented drugs
  • Comparator drugs sourcing from the Russian market
  • Expiry date relabelling for investigational medicinal products only
  • Label application (for clinical trials only)
  • Controlled (IV-V) schedules (RU), handling, and distribution of cytotoxic & highly potent substances, within frames of clinical trials

Russia’s pharmaceutical market revenues are forecasted to grow at rates similar to other emerging markets and could total over $25bn by 2018.

Wes Wheeler, Marken’s Chief Executive Officer, emphasized that, “With over 400 pharmaceutical companies, Russia is on track to develop dynamically in the life sciences industry when compared to other European markets.”

The GMP Certified depot offers clinical and commercial pharmaceutical drug storage, clinical trial services and distribution. Dedicated space was built into the design for drug product storage as well as returns and destruction for rejected goods. All of the spaces and equipment are compliant with Marken’s Good Manufacturing Practice specifications. The secure facility is equipped to handle a spectrum of temperature controlled packaging and shipments, plus liquid nitrogen storage capabilities. In addition to the dedicated space for drug product storage, standard services such as pick and pack, labelling and late stage customization are offered within the depot.

The Moscow facility is managed by the company’s global inventory system, Marken Solo, which offers clients real time access to live data reporting on environmental conditions inside the depot. Solo also connects to Marken’s Maestro system which books and tracks all shipments into and out of the depot on a real time basis.

Source: Marken