Marken launches clinical home healthcare services

Marken has launched clinical home healthcare services which can be integrated into its already well-established logistics network. Its nursing services for home-based clinical trials are now operational in most key markets around the world. The expanded services will now include clinical drug storage, direct-to-patient delivery, biological sample collection, central pharmacy and home care / nursing services.

New operating software and a new set of standard operating procedures have been developed with strict training requirements. The new operating software will reduce the paper-based study visit documentation, enable real-time, secure document transmission and improve project oversight.

The new home healthcare services can be integrated with Marken’s other services such as storage of clinical drug product in its depot network, utilization of its central pharmacy services and coordination with its global courier services.

Wes Wheeler, CEO of Marken said, “We are excited to launch our new home healthcare service on a global scale. Decentralized clinical trials are becoming more common and we are working to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients as they transform their own industry. We see our home-based nursing network as an important new service which can improve patient recruitment, patient retention, and a more integrated solution.”

Source: Marken