Marken unveils new smart box

Marken has announced the launch of a custom-designed thermal box designed to provide protection for high value shipments of clinical drug products, clinical drug substance and cell & gene therapies. The Smart Box will also provide 24/7 tracking visibility using any one of three different GPS tracking devices.

The Marken Smart Box is a configurable container capable of utilising GPS tracking devices, including Marken’s own Sentry device which provides location, temperature, movement, and shock as often as once per hour. The box can also accommodate Bluetooth technology for temperature monitoring and identification.

The Marken Smart Box is powered by phase change technology and meets ISTA 3A qualified distribution testing. Each case offers complete chain of custody assurance with the ability to add a lock or security seal to each shipment. The Marken Smart Box has been thermal tested in compliance with industry standards for up to 96 hours at 2-8°C, including Analytical Thermal Modelling Software (ATMOS) enabled lane simulation scenarios. The green colouration offers recognition and easy identification.

Wes Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer, said: “Marken has once again made the investments required to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations for shipment security and visibility. At least 1,000 new Marken Smart Box containers are scheduled for delivery to various Marken locations starting this month. At the same time, we are increasing our fleet of Sentry GPS tracking devices and have placed additional orders for thermal packaging to supplement the new Smart Box. The combination of our existing fleet of thermal packaging and our new fleet of Smart Box containers, together with a variety of GPS trackers, will give our clients many options to secure and protect their valuable shipments.”

Source: Marken