Maxx Intermodal Systems changes name to Rhenus Intermodal Systems


Maxx Intermodal Systems, the specialist for global container logistics in the Rhenus Group, has been operating under the new name Rhenus Intermodal Systems since the start of 2017. This aims to underline its membership within the Rhenus Group and promote the development of the wholly-owned Rhenus subsidiary.

Work first started on renaming the individual companies in different countries in Russia towards the end of 2016. This procedure then followed in Belgium, Turkey and Germany. The change of name finally occurred for the container specialist in Kazakhstan in early January.

Martin De Sterck, Managing Director of Rhenus Intermodal Systems, explained: “When Maxx Intermodal Systems joined Rhenus eleven years ago, it already had a well-established name in the market place. As a result of the strong growth of the Rhenus Group particularly in India, China and South-East Asia during the past few years, the Rhenus brand has become more widely known in regions where Maxx is active too. By changing the name, we’re showing our customers that we’re part of the Rhenus Group”.

The goal is to further expand the business operations of the multimodal logistics specialist under its new name. De Sterck added: “We want to grow in Russia and Central Asia by opening new offices and expand our activities in Iran and Turkey”.

Source: Rhenus