Hellmann partners with Mazda Motor Logistics

Overnight express service provider Night Star Express Hellmann N.V. has partnered with Mazda Motor Logistics Europe. As part of the partnership, which was officially formed on 1 July 2019, Night Star Express Hellmann N.V. will deliver several hundred consignments per day from Willebroek in Belgium to Mazda dealerships all over Germany.  Mazda Motor Logistics Europe has joined forces with the Night Star Express network in order to further improve its pre-8 a.m. service to the German Mazda dealership network. 

Matthias Hohmann explains: “In order to be able to offer Mazda Motor Logistics Europe later pick-up times and to streamline the transport times from Belgium to Germany, we have set up a West hub in Düsseldorf. Since July 2019, several heavy goods vehicles, semi-trailers and vans have been leaving the Mazda spare parts warehouse in Belgium every day over the course of the afternoon and into the evening. After around three hours they arrive at the Night Star Express West hub in Düsseldorf, are unloaded and the consignments are distributed to the appropriate distribution routes within Germany.

Source: Hellmann