Mitsubishi secures contract with Chugai Pharmaceutical

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Mitsubishi Logistics and Chugai Pharmaceutical announced that the two companies have signed a service agreement to outsource Chugai’s logistics operations for its pharmaceutical products to Mitsubishi Logistics. The operation of the distribution centre managed by Mitsubishi Logistics is scheduled to start in January 2021.

Chugai Pharmaceutical is a Japanese research-based pharmaceutical company with strengths in biotechnology products. The company has set the goal to review its business process and cost structure. The company aims to sophisticate and streamline logistics functions through outsourcing to Mitsubishi Logistics.

With this agreement, Chugai Distribution, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chugai which currently provides logistics operations, will close down its business following the start-up of the distribution centre managed by Mitsubishi Logistics.

Mitsubishi Logistics will focus on providing high-quality, efficient and stable pharmaceutical logistics service.

Source: Mitsubishi Logistics