New contract for Schnellecke Logistics from Deutz AG

Schnellecke has been a logistics partner for Deutz, a Cologne-based global independent manufacturer of diesel engines in the power class of 25 to 520 kW, for many years. Now the existing contracts have been supplemented and expanded. More than 11,000 sq m of new space was rented in order to be able to process the planned tasks. Starting in July 2016, Schnellecke took on the logistics services for the supply of the plant in Cologne-Porz, Germany, and the packaging of Deutz products for the CKD (Completely Knocked Down) overseas shipping. For this, a total of 7,500 sq m of warehouse and office space was rented in the Prologis Park in Cologne-Eifeltor.

The expansion was done in two stages. The first stage includes the operations in the new building with CKD and Exhaust After-Treatment (EAT) logistics. At this stage engine assembly kits are packaged as individual parts, then loaded and subsequently transported to various ports and airports in Europe. From there on they are shipped to China or South America, where they are assembled.

Stage two will start in autumn 2016. This stage includes the temporary warehousing and repackaging of cam- and crankshaft blanks that will come from suppliers and that have to be delivered just-in-time to the new Deutz cam- and crankshaft centre in Cologne-Porz. In this stage Schnellecke will also take on the warehousing and provision for the delivery of crankcase blanks to the mechanical production line in Cologne-Kalk. The finished crankcases from there, as well as from external suppliers, will in turn be temporarily warehoused and put together for just-in-time delivery to the assembly plant in Cologne-Porz.

“For this we require another 4,500 sq m of space, which we have already rented,” said Volker Trinitowski, Managing Director of Schnellecke. “There we will also handle and process attachment parts for crankcases as well as subcontractor parts and, as required, additional parts that are being sent back to suppliers for quality reasons or for repair.”

Source: Schnellecke Logistics