New UPS facility in Tuscany to support Italian export

SF Express

UPS has announced a new logistics centre in Tuscany, in the city of Prato, aiming to adapt to the challenges of 2020 and preparing to increase exports. 

UPS has been working with Italian companies for over 30 years to provide bespoke solutions for Italy’s industries, including textile producers, a hallmark of the Tuscan economy and the Prato region. The new logistics centre in Prato has an area of 8,000 sq m and features scanning, sortation and conveyer technology that rapidly moves packages through the facility, while capturing data aiming to increase delivery accuracy. This newest facility is part of a network of 21 UPS facilities in Italy, offering efficient connections to UPS’s European ground network and global air network from Ancona-Falconara, Bergamo-Orio al Serio, Bologna, Rome-Ciampino, and Venice.

The latest data from the Italian National Institute of Statistics shows that exports increased 5.7% between June and July. Because the economic situation remains fluid, it is important for Italian companies to focus their export strategies on profitable foreign markets such as Germany and China, destinations that UPS can reach from Italy with delivery times of 24 and 72 hours respectively.

“When we laid the cornerstone of this new facility two years ago, no one could foresee the vital role that logistics companies like UPS would play in supporting the global economy. Today we are not only marking the opening of a new facility, but also sending a message to our customers in Italy that we’re here to support them as they resume exporting,” said Karl Haberkorn, managing director, UPS Italy. “Our customers trust with us their shipments, which are products of Tuscan craftsmanship and emblematic symbols of the ‘Made in Italy’ mark of excellence known around the world. We’re hard at work helping to keep Italy’s economic engine running and supporting businesses of all sizes to seize every opportunity in this delicate transition stage.”

“Our company is on a mission to meet the needs of today and anticipate the trends of tomorrow. For twenty years, we’ve relied on UPS to reach international markets, and we’ve developed a trusted relationship based on daily contact. Speed is the distinctive feature that we have in common: with the same speed that we produce fine woolens, UPS ships our 100% Made in Italy products all over the world. By investing in this new centre, UPS is showing that it’s a solid partner for Tuscan businesses, allowing export-focused small and medium sized companies like ours to continue to grow,” said Alessandro Jentzsch, sales manager, Lanificio Cangioli.

Source: UPS