NFI Expands Relationship with FourKites to Support Business Growth

NFI acquires G&P south-east

FourKites enhances supply chain visibility, transparency, and customer service for NFI partners across North America.

Supply chain visibility company FourKites and NFI, a North American third-party supply chain solutions provider, have announced an expansion of their relationship, as NFI continues to increase the volume of shipments it tracks through the FourKites platform. Having experienced 160% growth in its Transportation Management division over the last three years, NFI is using FourKites as part of its proprietary TMS, Navitrace, to support end-to-end visibility across its growing transportation networks.

This expanded relationship benefits NFI, its partners, and its customers in several ways:

  • Real-time information provided by FourKites reduces the amount of time, effort, and resources it takes for the company to manage its network while allowing the company to provide its customers with real-time status updates of shipments.
  • NFI can quickly identify drivers at risk of missing a delivery, or transit events such as weather or traffic that might prevent drivers from meeting delivery expectations so that it can take corrective action.
  • Leveraging FourKites’ integration with NFI’s Navitrace, customers can easily see when their fleet delivers or picks up products.
  • Through FourKites Connect — which enables any carrier or broker to connect to FourKites easily and securely, while simultaneously improving tracking accuracy for shippers, brokers, and other partners — NFI’s carriers can self-onboard seamlessly and securely, saving time and cost.

“NFI recognizes the power of data transparency in strengthening communication, relationships, and performance,” said Jeff Kanterman, senior vice president of transportation management at NFI. “By expanding our longtime relationship with FourKites, we are better able to provide transportation partners with new levels of visibility and more granular data points than ever before. The tool helps create a robust trail of insights so our partners can take action and continuously improve performance and relationships with their own customers. Carriers and customers, alike, have come to expect high levels of transparency and service from NFI, and we’re able to provide that with FourKites.”

Original Source: FourKites