Nippon Express Malaysia receives halal warehousing certification

Nippon Express Malaysia has been granted halal warehousing certification.

The world’s first halal certification standards for transport (MS2400-1) and warehousing (MS2400-2) were established in Malaysia in July 2013.

In December 2014, Nippon Express Malaysia became the first Japanese logistics company to acquire MS2400-1 (transport) certification, and began providing halal transport services within Malaysia. Since concluding a business partnership agreement in June 2015 with Brahim’s Holdings Berhad, the world’s largest manufacturer of halal airline meals, Nippon has been engaged in halal transport both domestically within Malaysia and internationally.

In October 2016, Nippon Express Malaysia received certification allowing it to carry out the cleaning of trucks and cargo containers to enable them to transport halal food.

Furthermore, Nippon Express has had halal warehousing and transport certification in Japan since January and February 2016. It can now offer a door-to-door halal transport service between Malaysia and Japan.

Source: Nippon Express