Nippon Express introduces temperature-controlled containers and expands transport services for precision equipment

Nippon Express

Nippon Express Shanghai has introduced six new temperature-controlled containers suitable for transporting precision equipment such as semiconductor-manufacturing equipment requiring strict temperature and humidity control.

Semiconductors are built into all kinds of electronic devices such as smartphones, PCs, and automobiles and are indispensable to modern industry and society, making the stable supply of semiconductors extremely important. In addition, the equipment and precision instruments used to manufacture semiconductors are becoming increasingly larger, and they require strict temperature and humidity control during transport.

NX Shanghai states that it has introduced six new wide and tall containers equipped with temperature- and humidity-control devices that maintain a temperature of 21°C to 25°C and a humidity of 60% or less inside the containers and has launched a new international ocean freight service to transport semiconductor-manufacturing and other precision equipment requiring strict temperature and humidity control.

For the time being, the service will be made available for shipments aboard RORO vessels (high-speed ferries) between China, South Korea, and Japan, with hopes of introducing additional containers and expanding routes for greater convenience as this business grows.

These wide and tall containers are ideal for transporting semiconductor-manufacturing equipment, which tends to be large in size. Each container has been outfitted with four-level lashing rails to ensure cargo remains firmly fixed in place. The containers can be lifted while loaded with precision equipment or other cargo, with a maximum lifting load of 20 tons.

Nippon Express states that it will continue expanding and developing its services globally to meet the increasingly sophisticated and diverse logistics needs of the semiconductor industry.

Source: Nippon Express