Nippon subsidiary completes construction of logistics centre in Myanmar Special Economic Zone

Nittsu Logistics Myanmar, a subsidiary of Nippon Express, has completed construction of the Thilawa Logistics Center, a multifunctional logistics warehouse in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Myanmar. The new site covers over 50,000 sq m and operations will start operations there on June 1, 2017.

The Thilawa SEZ in which the Thilawa Logistics Center is situated around 20 km south-east of downtown Yangon. Around 80 companies from 16 countries are currently located there, mainly from the construction material, food and beverage, apparel, and automotive-related industries.

There are plans to expand the cargo terminal at the adjacent Thilawa Port, and to widen the roadways connecting the outskirts of Yangon, where this SEZ is located, and the border with Thailand. This SEZ itself is scheduled to undergo expansion, and Nippon believes there is potential for it to become a major production/logistics hub.

The new facility will provide bonded storage services, utilising the cargo function available within the SEZ. It will also offer 1,000 sq m of temperature-controlled and dehumidified warehousing for the storage of apparel and chemical products requiring a temperature-controlled and anti-fungal environment.

Foreign companies are prohibited from importing finished products to sell in Myanmar, but the companies operating in this SEZ can repackage, label or otherwise process these imported products in Myanmar and are thus exceptionally allowed to sell these within the country; distribution processing can also be performed at this warehouse.

Source: Nippon Express