NVO Consolidation and NWS Shipping enters strategic partnership with project44


project 44 announced that project44 and VBE / MSA Group subsidiaries NVO Consolidation and NWS Shipping have entered into a strategic partnership to integrate project44’s Ocean Terminal Visibility product into its platforms. The integration might enable the two freight shipping companies to improve data quality, port intelligence and the estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) to increase customer satisfaction, optimize planning and reduce costs.

Global supply chains are inherently complex, but project44 provides the real-time data and insight needed to move freight more efficiently around the world. By integrating project44 data into our platforms, we can provide predictive ETAs with pinpoint accuracy and use insights into the ocean and port cargo status to plan more efficiently as well as reduce detention and demurrage costs,” said Marvin Ploeg, COO VBE / MSA Group. ​

The NVO Consolidation and NWS Shipping partnership with project44 intend to provide access to accurate, real-time data to give the companies greater visibility into their global shipments and more precise predictive ETAs. The integration of project44’s data into the companies’ customer portal via application programming interfaces (API) might allow users to track shipments with greater accuracy, improving overall customer service.

The partnership allows NVO Consolidation and NWS Shipping now having real-time insights from project44 on available carriers, containers, transit times and terms on a single site to more efficiently plan container transports, mitigate risks and increase resilience in shipping.

Source: project44