NYK procures 4,700 new refrigerated containers

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NYK has placed an order for 4,700 additional 40-foot refrigerated (reefer) containers, with delivery commencing in November. NYK procured 5,500 of the same type of containers during 2015, and the average age of company’s fleet of over 40,000 reefer containers has now fallen to four years.

The new order includes 600 Controlled Atmosphere (CA) containers. The CA technology regulates not only the temperature within the reefer unit but also the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. These 600 CA units will be used mainly for the transportation of fruits from Latin America to Japan and other countries in the Asian region, and then for the export of Japanese vegetables.

The demand for transportation by refrigerated containers is expected to expand at a solid pace in line with a strategy of economic growth by the Japanese government. The NYK Group states that it will continue to invest in its service accordingly.

Source: NYK Line