Ocean Terminal Visibility launched by project44


project44 announced new capabilities within its supply chain visibility platform, Movement by project44™, with the addition of Ocean Terminal Visibility. With real-time data on the status and location of containers within the terminal, shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs) can improve inland planning, minimize demurrage and drayage fees, and address delays or disruptions. 

Many supply chain delays don’t happen in transit, but at interchange points like ports. Containers enter a ​black box’ when they travel through terminals, and that jeopardizes efficiency downstream. We’re taking the mystery out of container status and location with our new Ocean Terminal Visibility capabilities, giving customers true end-to-end visibility,” said Jett McCandless, founder and CEO, project44. 

project44 introduced Ocean Terminal Visibility at TPM23, a conference for the Trans-Pacific and global container shipping and logistics community held each year in Long Beach, California. Shippers and logistics services professionals are ushering in the next generation of supply chain management as they help their organizations navigate ​never-normal” supply chains, taking innovative approaches to solving evolving logistics business challenges by harnessing advanced technologies. 

By extending visibility for shippers and LSPs who are importing to North American ports, Ocean Terminal Visibility intends to provide container discharge events, precise location, last free day information and statuses—such as holds, customs clearance and availability for pickup.

Beyond this, project44’s Ocean Emissions Visibility, Sailing Schedules, Carrier Analytics and Detention & Demurrage offerings deliver carrier insight capabilities available on the market. As companies move goods through ports, they might have access to the intelligence at the shipment and container levels for their operations

Source: project44