OOCL Logistics expands its services in Tianjin

​OOCL Logistics has announced the opening of a new bonded logistics warehouse project in Tianjin. Leveraging the benefits of its existing location in the Tianjin Free Trade Zone, OOCL will aim to accelerate the operational processes while lowering costs in duties and fees.

The OOCL Logistics-owned Tianjin warehouse facility initially opened for operation in 2006. The building area is approximately 22,000 sq m and has an interior height of 9.6m. The facility provides integrated selective racks and pallets, wide parking areas and temperature-controlled zones. Additionally, its warehouse is equipped with a state-of-the-art automation platform that facilitates pick-and-place operations speeding loading and unloading processes.

By managing customers’ goods with its WMS (Warehouse Management System), inventory can be managed using real-time information on orders, shipments, and cargo movement. By utilising technology, OOCL can optimise processes from product order to shipment, minimise expenses, improve inventory accuracy and enhance flexibility and responsiveness. Additionally, the warehouse management procedures have been designed to systematically maintain safety and security.

Source: OOCL Logistics