Palletways rolls out in-cab label printing

Palletways UK has made in-cab label printing technology, designed to speed-up the process of palletised freight delivery, available to its network members.

Pallet label printing and application usually takes place in a member depot, but the new technology enables drivers to print and apply pallet information in-cab at a customer site. As a result, pallets can be loaded straight from collection vehicles onto trunk vehicles that return to one of Palletways four hubs in the UK. This process avoids depot labelling and speeds-up the process of pallets moving from the customer to the hub.

Richard Miller, IT manager at Palletways (UK) Ltd, said, “We’ve listened to our members about what technology will support them to provide customer service excellence and deliver higher customer satisfaction.

“In-cab labelling is a first in the pallet sector. The majority of labels are now printed by customers at their premises, but there are still many unlabelled consignments for which members must print and apply labels each evening at their premises, which is a time consuming task. The system means that our operation stays on the road as much as possible.

“It’s a big step forward for our current members. This innovation means that they can use valuable staff time more efficiently for tasks other than depot label printing. We also believe that the system is another crucial selling point to attract new members to our network in an increasingly competitive freight network market.”

Source: Palletways