Panalpina Brazil invests in cold chain logistics solutions

Panalpina Brazil has announced the expansion of its operations in Brazil, investing in end-to-end logistics solutions for the cold chain.

An aspect of the venture involves the company warehouse in Cajamar, São Paulo, now dedicated to the cold chain segment, with the capability to store various types of temperature-controlled cargo, such as medicines, cosmetics as well as food and perishables. The facility, with over 4,000 sq m of total area, has three cold chambers: the first is set to -20°C; the second to temperatures ranging from 2°C to 8°C; and the third, and largest, covers temperatures from 15°C to 25°C.

The warehouse has 10 docks for loading and unloading products, approximately 1,500 pallet positions and an area for services, such as packaging, labelling, kitting and repacking, among others.

Besides warehousing, Panalpina Brazil offers national and international logistics for temperature-controlled cargo. “Our transport and distribution network was fully revamped and today it has a much broader scope with nationwide coverage and international connections. For deliveries in Brazil, we also use domestic air freight. Both our air and road subcontractors are able to handle any type of temperature-controlled cargo in a fully compliant manner,” said Marcelo Tonet, logistics director of Panalpina Brazil.

Source: Panalpina