Panalpina and Shapeways enter into 3D printing partnership

Panalpina has entered into a partnership with 3D printing company Shapeways, with the LSP to benefit from Shapeways’ software solutions and 3D printing know-how.

In return, Panalpina is offering Shapeways geographical expansion possibilities and support in logistics, manufacturing, distribution and other value-added services.

Peter Weijmarshausen, Shapeways’ CEO, commented, “Panalpina is ideally suited to assist with the final steps in the manufacturing process including last-mile delivery. In addition, they are investing in their own 3D printing research and capabilities. This demonstrates how committed and serious Panalpina is about the technology, making them an ideal partner for us”.

Panalpina has also recently launched two joint research projects with Cardiff University, with the aim of identifying products that could be switched from traditional to additive manufacturing techniques, while also assessing the impact these techniques will have on future supply chains.

In addition, Panalpina invested in its first 3D printer in October 2015 to get an understanding of how the technology works to complement its Logistics Manufacturing Services offering.

Source: Panalpina