An Post partners with DHL to develop e-commerce parcel volumes

An Post has become the latest operator to join the DHL Parcel Europe network, becoming a cross-border e-commerce partner.

Garrett Bridgeman, who heads An Post’s Parcels division, commented: ‘’Our new partnership with DHL gives us access to the DHL European network and strengthens our links to this growing e-commerce marketplace. The partnership demonstrates our strategy of refocusing our parcels business and aggressively pursuing new Irish and International e-commerce business.’

‘’DHL chose us as partners because we are the best in the business. Our reach and our network cannot be beaten. The service enhancements we recently introduced such as Saturday, evening deliveries, and secure location drop marked An Post apart as the best option for parcel customers in this country”, he added.

Around 6bn e-commerce parcels are being shipped within Europe each year, with Germany, France and the UK being the largest e-commerce markets. According to Eurostat, 55% of internet users in Europe already shop online, but only 32% of them do so outside of their country.

An Post estimates that the new partnership will soon be responsible for nearly 1m parcels coming into Ireland.

Ireland joins 26 other countries as part of the DHL Parcel Europe network. The network now comprises the UK, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Sweden, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria alongside Ireland.

Source: An Post