Posti Kiinteistöt Ltd sells 74,000 sq m warehouse to RBS Nordisk Renting

Posti Group sales Q2

Posti Kiinteistöt Ltd, a subsidiary of Posti Group, has signed an agreement to sell its 74,000 sq m logistics warehouse property, Pennala 2, to RBS Nordisk Renting. The property is located in Orimattila, Finland, and was completed in 2012-2013.

The sale of the property is part of Posti Group’s plan to release capital for renewal and growth, among other purposes.

Posti Group will continue its business operations in the property with a long-term lease. The property will transfer to RBS Nordisk Renting on September 15, 2016.

“Posti Group was looking for a long-term partner that will take the long-term requirements of our business operations into account. The timing was favourable for both parties”, said Jarkko Ämtö, Managing Director of Posti Kiinteistöt Ltd.

Posti Kiinteistöt Oy is responsible for Posti Group’s real estate portfolio. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Posti Group Corporation. The Company’s real estate is comprised of about 630 properties covering a total area of more than 900,000 sq m.

Source: Posti Group