PostNL makes parcel lockers more accessible for consumers


PostNL, the Dutch postal service, is taking steps to make parcel lockers more accessible for consumers. By 2023, PostNL will give other carriers access to its parcel lockers, meaning consumers can collect and send parcels from different carriers using a single PostNL parcel locker. To date, PostNL has already put in place over 400 parcel lockers in various places across the country, and the aim is to increase this number to 1,500 by 2024.

Parcel lockers allow consumers to decide for themselves when to pick up or drop off their parcels, as the majority of these PostNL parcel lockers are open 24/7. With other carriers also allowed to use PostNL parcel lockers if they wish, it will make it even easier for consumers to pick up or drop off their parcels at a time of their own choosing. Barry Husman, Director of Retail Benelux, said: “Consumers like using the PostNL parcel lockers and rate them as very user-friendly. To enhance the customer experience, we’re working hard to increase their number and to enable their use by other carriers.”

PostNL is committed to accelerating digitalisation in order to offer customers and consumers a unique and even better customer experience. To open up its parcel lockers, PostNL is creating a special IT platform allowing other carriers to connect with its parcel lockers – and making it possible for consumers soon to use a single parcel locker for all their parcels from different carriers.

PostNL is also talking to municipalities and other interested parties to help it achieve its goal of 1,500 PostNL parcel lockers in 2024. This would make it much easier for consumers to access parcel lockers in their local area, and it would also make it more convenient for them to pick up or drop off their parcels.

PostNL’s efforts to make parcel lockers more accessible for consumers is a welcome development, as it will make it easier for consumers to access the services they need. The increased number of parcel lockers will also help to reduce the environmental impact of parcel delivery, as it will reduce the need for multiple trips to different locations.

Source: PostNL