PostNord announces improvements in year-end results


PostNord’s revenues fell by 3.6% in 2017, but it managed to produce a better operating result than in 2016. The company turned over SEK* 37,079m and made an operating loss of SEK 124m (2016: loss of SEK 1,083m). It made a net loss of SEK 337m, an improvement on last years loss of SEK 1,583m.

The group’s e-commerce related B2C volumes rose by 14% in the year. In Q4, it experienced a 19% rise in volumes. However, mail volume decreased by 9% overall; 7% in Sweden and 18% in Denmark.

In Sweden, net sales fell 1.5% and operating income fell 37.5%. In Denmark, net sales fell 8.9%; its operating result improved, but it still made a loss of SEK 1,115m. In Norway, net sales were 2.3% higher and it made an operating profit of SEK 24m.

PostNord’s debt position improved by SEK 688m to SEK 238m. In October 2017, the Danish and Swedish States reached an agreement regarding the financing of the transition to a more sustainable production model in Denmark. The Swedish government also decided a new postal regulation would be effective as of January 1, 2018. It states that two-day delivery is the new standard service for stamped mail items and allowed a one-off adjustment to postal rates.

Source: PostNord

*SEK= €0.10 /SEK = $0.11