Purolator to use Magento Commerce platform

Purolator has announced that Collins Harper has developed an e-commerce extension to integrate the company’s shipping solutions into the Magento Commerce platform.

Partnering Collins Harper to integrate Purolator E-Commerce Connectors into e-commerce platforms supports a suite of initiatives and investments Purolator is acting on to maintain a leading position and meet the evolving needs of companies doing business in Canada.

Companies using the Magento Commerce platform can allow customers to ship online with Purolator. Customers can access accurate shipping estimates, track deliveries in real time and create shipping- and return-labels as well as schedule pickups.

“Integrating our shipping solutions into leading e-commerce platforms provides our customers with more options and greater flexibility to manage their purchasing, fulfilment and returns online. Purolator continues to partner with developers and invest in technology to provide businesses with the solutions they require in today’s changing marketplace.” said Ramsey Mansour, Purolator’s Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Marketing.

Source: Purolator