Rhenus launches e-commerce project in Sosnowiec

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions has launched a dedicated solution for an online store client in Sosnowiec, Poland. At the storage facility measuring 58,000 sq m , Rhenus is handling e-commerce orders fulfillment for customers in Poland, Germany and other European countries.

Sosnowiec is located in southern Poland near Katowice. The new warehouse is already the second project that Rhenus is handling for the e-commerce provider in Poland. Operations started in October last year; since then, Rhenus has gradually introduced more and more warehouse processes, ranging from the inbound process of goods to picking and shipping items in response to B2C customers’ orders. Rhenus will also handle customer returns from the second half of the year onwards. 

The newly operating business site is a dedicated logistics solution for the client. Rhenus offers the trading company extensive warehouse services related to online sales of large lifestyle, home and living items. Among others, the product range includes garden furniture and equipment, white goods such as washing machines and home furniture such as mattresses, which are supplied to several European markets. Rhenus uses its own systems solutions to manage existing stocks and process orders.

“Rhenus has many years of experience in handling large and complex e-commerce projects in Poland. This is the second project we operate for this client in Poland and another that Rhenus operates in Europe. This long-term cooperation and the new projects confirm our readiness to develop with customers and openness to new challenges,” says Marcin Bartosz, the Managing Director of Rhenus Logistics S.A., commenting on the latest development.

Source: Rhenus