Rhenus offers home delivery service by train in Italy


Rhenus Logistics Italy has completed its first home delivery transport by train from Northern Italy to the region of Campania in Southern Italy. The journey lasted three and a half hours both northbound and southbound, starting from the North of Italy at 3:00 am and from the South at 8.30 am.

On 29 May, the overnight train service left after being loaded with 64 roll containers in each carriage. According to Rhenus, each roll container can carry a net weight of 220 kg in total.  

The roll containers were first loaded from a freight terminal in the North of Italy onto a high-speed freight train and travelled overnight to Campania. In the morning of the next day, the goods were unloaded at the Campanian freight terminal, where they were picked up by Rhenus and immediately distributed. Part of the goods was then delivered to Campania the same day, while the other part was delivered to the Calabria on the following day. The company confirmed that the service will become weekly and will be available for different kinds of general cargo including non-perishable food.

“The new service provided by Rhenus Logistics Italy has passed its initial test,” said Davide Guglielmo Tassone, Managing Director at Rhenus Logistics Italy. “Thanks to the increase of this intermodal express service, we are playing our part in the reduction of CO2 emissions.”

Source: Rhenus Logistics