Rhenus Overland Transport Italy acquires Pesenti

Even though some of the regulations have now been adopted, controversy and opposition remain around the Mobility Package, such as insufficient infrastructure and environmental concerns.

Rhenus Overland Transport Italy has acquired Pesenti Trasporti & Logistica Srl, headquartered in Osio Sopra. This company specialises in domestic and international integrated logistics and transport.

This acquisition is aims to bolster Rhenus’ presence in a crucial region that serves as a natural connection point between major transportation routes in Northern Italy and international trade movements, enhancing their overall strategic position.

Pesenti’s growth story is notable. Originally a haulage company, it has expanded its range of services to encompass logistics, handling, and distribution operations, serving significant national and international clientele.

“Preserving the strong roots and values that have long propelled our company forward is paramount to us. This commitment was a key factor in our decision to welcome Rhenus as a new shareholder, as we believe they can not only safeguard these principles but also inject fresh momentum into the dynamic environment that characterises our company,” says Benedetto Pesenti, Managing Director of Pesenti Trasporti & Logistica.

“With the acquisition, signed on 10 November, we are solidifying our position in an area characterised by a high density of industry and production in Lombardy, recognised as the engine of the Italian economy, contributing to over 20% of the country’s GDP, particularly in the Bergamo area,” says Guglielmo Davide Tassone, Managing Director of Rhenus Logistics S.p.A. “Both companies are deeply committed to customer satisfaction, and we believe it is crucial to maintain the existing balance to ensure market stability.”
Pesenti Trasporti & Logistica Srl will keep its name and organisational structure with Benedetto Pesenti as its Managing Director.

Source: Rhenus