Rhenus sells German freight forwarding centre to Raben Group

Rhenus has agreed a deal to sell its freight forwarding sites in Fellbach and Weilimdorf, Germany to Raben Group, pending approval from anti-trust authorities.

The Raben Group will operate what has been the Rhenus Freight Logistics business site in Fellbach in future. The purchase agreement, which also covers the Rhenus business activities in Weilimdorf, was signed on 21 July. The takeover by Raben, which still has to be approved by the anti-trust authorities, is due to take place on 1 January 2017. The sale marks the end of the restructuring measures adopted by Rhenus in the greater Stuttgart area for its freight forwarding activities.

“Based on the restructuring work successfully conducted last year and the resulting reduction in work for one major customer, we’ve decided to sell our business activities in Fellbach and Weilimdorf. In order to ensure the successful continuation of the business operations, it was important for us to find the best solution for the employees working there and the existing partnerships with customers,” said Thilo Streck, Managing Director of Rhenus Freight Logistics.

The business site in Fellbach, which is located north-east of Baden-Württemberg’s state capital, Stuttgart, Germany is a partner within Raben’s trans-European network for historical reasons. “As there’s a large demand for domestic break bulk cargo shipments from our customers, it was a logical step to conduct the discussions with the Raben Group,” Added Thilo Streck. “The international transport operations between the Stuttgart region and the Rhenus companies in many European countries will also remain intact in this constellation in future. As a result, the business site will continue to operate in a stable environment and as an excellent addition to the current Raben network within Baden-Württemberg, even after the change in business owner.”

Source: Rhenus