Rhenus takes over C. Spaarmann


The Rhenus Group has signed a purchase agreement to take over all of the shares in the freight forwarding company, C. Spaarmann Logistics GmbH.

In addition to having its headquarters in Forst and customs offices in Forst, Frankfurt/Oder, Hamburg and Duisburg-Ruhrort, C. Spaarmann Logistics operates other branches in Dinslaken and Hamburg.

“C. Spaarmann Logistics enhances our business operations in two different ways: firstly, as a result of its extensive customs business and, secondly, through its transport services, particularly to countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States,” commented Thomas Kaulbach, Head of the European Customs Committee (ECC) at Rhenus.

Kaulbach and Bernd Stichel, Managing Director of Rhenus Freight East, have been appointed as the new executive directors of C. Spaarmann Logistics. The previous majority shareholder and sole managing director, Hans-Peter Otto, will remain at the company in an advisory capacity.

Source: Rhenus