Royal Mail Q2 2023-24 Quality of Service report

Royal Mail

Royal Mail has released its report on the Quality of Service (QoS) Universal Service Obligation (USO) for both First and Second Class mail in the second quarter of 2023-24.

During the period from June 26th to September 24th, the company managed to deliver 91.3% of Second Class mail within three working days and 74.1% of First Class mail within one working day. Challenges such as high vacancies and increased sick leave significantly impacted these performance levels.

To enhance service quality, Royal Mail aims to implement a comprehensive improvement strategy in place. This includes establishing a quality control centre, ramping up recruitment efforts, introducing new measures to address sickness and attendance issues, and implementing leading health and well-being programs like physiotherapy sessions and 24-hour access to GPs. Operational management and support have also been reinforced.

Moreover, the company has introduced a new incentive scheme for operational staff during peak periods, offering incentives of up to £500 for meeting local and national quality targets.

The Business Recovery, Transformation, and Growth Agreement, ratified by CWU members in July, aims to enhance enhancing operational performance and decrease absences. It involves updated attendance and sickness policies, network modifications, and new seasonal work schedules aimed at improving service quality.

Grant McPherson, Chief Operating Officer, Royal Mail said: “Improving quality of service is a top priority for us. In the run up to the festive season and our busiest time of year, our main focus has been to take action to address the issues impacting service levels and pull out all the stops to deliver Christmas for our customers.” 

Source: Royal Mail