Ryder opens new centre to facilitate US-Canada operations


Ryder has opened a new Logistics Operating Center (LOC) in London, Ontario, which will primarily serve the Eastern Canada region. The new facility includes a 30,000 sq ft building with office and cross-docking space, as well as parking spaces for 286 trailers and 162 tractors. A total of 210 drivers are domiciled out of the facility, along with 55 Ryder employees. The new facility and yard will provide additional services and capacity opportunities to Ryder’s existing and future customers.

Gene Sevilla, Ryder Vice President of International Supply Chain Solutions, said, “This facility is a key element of our cross-border operation between Canada and the U.S. It enables Ryder to continue to grow in the Canadian market, and further supports Ryder’s handling of cross-border freight movements on behalf of North American retailers and manufacturers in various industries.”

The new Ryder LOC provides cross-dock solutions, which enable goods to be distributed using little or no storage time. Inbound shipments coming from the U.S. are received at the cross-dock in London, Ontario, unloaded and sorted for final store delivery, and redeployed outbound in 24 hours or less. Ryder says this will enable retailer customers to reduce their transportation costs while also replenishing their stores more frequently to meet customer demand and fulfill omni-channel or forward stocking on fast-moving items.

The new LOC facility is located between Detroit and Toronto, enabling Ryder to serve clients on both sides of the border. It says the facility will handle more than 3,000 cross-border freight movements a month between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Source: Ryder