SEKO Logistics acquires Omni-Channel Logistics to solidify its e-commerce segment

SEKO Logistics has acquired a majority shareholding in its strategic partner Omni-Channel Logistics to solidify and grow its e-commerce and technology solutions for retailers, pure-play retailers, marketplaces and platforms.

The two companies have enjoyed partnership since Managing Director Kai Lincoln and his partners launched Omni-Channel Logistics in Australia in early 2014. SEKO Logistics created a new integrated eCommerce and logistics division in 2013 with SEKO Omni-Channel Logistics to fast track traditional brick-and-mortar retailers into the global e-commerce market.

The SEKO Omni-Channel Logistics team under Lincoln has focused on the cross-border e-commerce and global e-commerce returns solutions and has since grown its annual revenues by giving major brands and SMEs fast and easy access to primary e-commerce markets in Hong Kong, the US, UK, South East Asia, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

“As we continue to invest in market expansion focusing on cross-border eCommerce and returns, the big winners will be our clients as we continue to push shipping and technology boundaries to a new level for retailers, pure-play retailers, marketplaces and platforms,” said Mark White, SEKO Logistics’ Chief Commercial Officer.

Source: SEKO Logistics