SEKO Logistics partners with Feelunique in China

Feelunique has announced that it will open a distribution hub in Hong Kong in partnership with SEKO Logistics to serve its rapidly growing customer base in mainland China.

The three years since Feelunique launched its dedicated Chinese website, sales to the region have grown considerably. China accounts for 20% of Feelunique’s annual sales, with orders being shipped from the UK. The opening of a distribution hub is expected to deliver enhanced customer convenience, access to a wider choice of products, and lower shipping thresholds that will open Feelunique to a wider consumer population in China.

The location of the distribution hub allows Feelunique proximity to the rapidly growing beauty market of Hong Kong whilst also retaining the benefits of cross-border retailing into China.

Joel Palix, Chief Executive Officer of Feelunique, said: “The rise of China’s middle class and its appetite for luxury and niche beauty brands is setting China on a course to become the biggest beauty market in the world. Feelunique is already enjoying rapid growth in this market by fulfilling orders from the UK. With a distribution hub in Hong Kong we will be able to dramatically enhance our offering in terms of choice, brands and customer experience. By localising distribution, we will be able to lower shipping costs and compete on a different scale in this market by making Feelunique accessible to a much larger potential customer base in China.”

Source: SEKO Logistics