sennder partners with Mercitalia Logistics


Sharing the vision of a sustainable and efficient transport network, sennder Technologies GmbH, Mercitalia Logistics, the logistics business division of Italian Railway FS Italiane Group, and Poste Italiane S.p.A. will join forces to pioneer intermodal transport solutions. 

The aim of the intended partnership is to develop proprietary technology for sustainable road freight and cargo transport. The collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate rail and road transport to optimize efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and enhance service delivery across Europe, transforming import/export transport with sustainability at its core. With this partnership, sennder will expand its green logistics offerings in Europe, reaffirming its commitment to green transportation solutions.

By combining sennder’s expertise in road freight logistics and technology with Mercitalia’s rail cargo experience, the collaboration will introduce sustainable intermodal logistics solutions for European shippers, optimizing costs, transport flows and routes, while reducing carbon emissions. sennder will handle the first and last mile of intermodal transports, using green transport solutions such as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), thus contributing to the decarbonization of transport. Through advanced technologies and seamless integration of transport modes, this joint initiative will significantly advance the establishment of an efficient and sustainable transport network in Europe, accelerating the transition to low-emission transport.

David Nothacker, founder and CEO at sennder, comments: “Intermodal logistics play a crucial role in keeping Europe moving, and the demand for efficient and sustainable transport is only increasing. Achieving sustainability in transportation is energized by solid industry partnerships and innovative technology, especially when it involves the dynamic integration of truck and rail solutions. 

Following our successful partnership with Poste Italiane, we are excited to cement our leading position in the market, and proud to partner with a market leader in rail cargo transport, Mercitalia. Together we will introduce a new intermodal green offering in Europe.”

Digitalization, innovation, and sustainability are central to Mercitalia’s industrial strategy. The partnership will combine Mercitalia’s internal expertise with sennder’s advanced technology to seize market opportunities effectively, and further underscores Mercitalia’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2040. 

Sabrina De Filippis, CEO of Mercitalia Logistics, adds: “The leading digital freight forwarder in Europe and the Logistics Business Unit of the FS Group are teaming up for an innovative project aimed at optimizing import/export transport flows with reduced environmental impact. This collaboration will enable more efficient and sustainable logistics through advanced technologies, load monitoring, and digital management, lowering CO2 emissions.” 

Each year, Mercitalia and sennder collectively facilitate the transportation of over 53m tonnes of goods. This includes 41m tonnes being transported via 100,000 trains operated by Mercitalia and 12m tonnes being carried through 1m truckloads on sennder’s extensive road network.

In 2023, sennder advanced its green transport efforts with two key joint ventures. The JUNA partnership with Scania, focused on e-truck commercialization with a pay-per-use model, is set to support the new Mercitalia partnership by moving trailers to and from train terminals. Additionally, the in 2023 expanded partnership with Poste Italiane, could deliver end-to-end logistics solutions with warehousing, complementing the Mercitalia collaboration.

sennder and Mercitalia have signed a letter of intent with the goal of forming a NewCo dedicated to developing a leading European operator for future intermodal logistics solutions. Completion of the NewCo is subject to a feasibility study, applicable competition and regulatory approvals, as well as successful consummation of the long-form legal agreements.

Source: sennder