SG Holdings and Hitachi Transport System launch cross-border road freight service in Southeast Asia

Hitachi Indian Subsidiary FLYJAC

Two Japanese logistics providers, SG Holdings and Hitachi Transport System, have started offering a cross-border trucking service between Thailand and Vietnam. The joint delivery system of 1,500 km ties together hubs in Bangkok and Hanoi.

The service builds on the two companies’ existing offering of domestic road freight services in both countries.

SG and Hitachi have set up a shared transhipment facility at the Thailand-Laos border which has enabled a new joint delivery route to be established. The site will facilitate domestic transport by Hitachi in Thailand and the domestic and Vietnam-Laos transport of SG in Vietnam. Containers will be transferred at the Thailand-Laos border between SG Vietnam and Hitachi Thailand trucks, which will then deliver the newly loaded freight to designated points of the respective companies.

Lead time will be reduced to four days, compared to eight days if the journey were to be conducted by sea freight.


Source: SG Holdings