Tesla receives largest order for electric semi-trucks from UPS

UPS has placed a reservation for 125 of Tesla’s new fully electric semi-trucks. This represents Tesla’s largest order so far. The new tractors will join UPS’s alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle fleet, comprised of trucks and tractors propelled by electricity, natural gas, propane and other non-traditional fuels.

Tesla’s Semi tractor claims up to 500 miles range on a single charge and has a significantly reduced long-term cost of ownership. Tesla’s driver-assistance features have been found by the U.S. government to reduce crash rates by 40%. Tesla expects to begin production of the vehicles in 2019 and UPS will be among the first companies to put the vehicles into use.

UPS’s pre-order of Tesla vehicles advances the company’s overall commitment to reduce its absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from global ground operations 12% by 2025. By 2020 UPS plans that one in four new vehicles purchased annually will be an alternative fuel or advanced technology vehicle, up from 16% in 2016.

Source: UPS