Teva Leverages Temperature and Theft Tracking from FourKites to Deliver Critical Medicines Around the World


FourKites has announced that Teva, a global leader in generic and innovative medicines, has achieved a 0.005% incident rate by leveraging FourKites’ global carrier visibility solution, NIC-Place. With NIC-Place, Teva has instant access to and can react to high-quality temperature and theft data, which saves time and avoids loss of goods.

Teva has a portfolio consisting of more than 3,500 products in nearly every therapeutic area. Around 200 m people around the world take Teva medicine every day. ratiopharm is a subsidiary of Teva and Germany’s best-known pharmaceutical brand. Every year, the company moves half a million pallets of its products throughout Europe, and in one of its largest markets — Germany — Teva delivers and collects goods to and from 1,000 wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals and suppliers.

A key component to Teva’s logistics operations is NIC-Place’s real-time supply chain visibility. 

“With NIC-Place, we have 100% accurate temperature data for all our goods, 24/7, no matter where our fleet of 80 trucks and trailers is,” says Bernd Schlumpberger, Head of Fleet & Transport Management, Teva. “This is crucial because the temperature in the truck must match the needs of our medicines at every moment. As such, we avoid costly and time-consuming incidents.”

Teva’s successful NIC-Place implementation includes a comprehensive theft monitoring solution, delivered in partnership with tcs*, a company that specialises in monitoring transport services. This is a critical element to protecting Teva’s goods in transit. 

“We have highly sensitive goods on our trucks,” Bernd explains. “Thanks to NIC-Place and tcs*, we have alarms and surveillance that monitor our vehicles 24/7. This enables us to react in real time at any moment with multi-level escalation should there be suspicious activity, such as a door opening unexpectedly in a parking lot at night. NIC-Place has enabled us to achieve a near-zero incident rate across our supply chain to ensure that we’re able to deliver the highest-quality medications at the right time.” 

“Brands like Teva are seeing first-hand how FourKites’ AI-powered supply chain visibility platform empowers leaders to make business-critical decisions that save money, improve planning and make customers — as well as partners — happier,” said Kevin Kruekis, Managing Director, NIC-Place. “We look forward to deepening our partnership with Teva, and helping them maintain an agile and responsive supply chain that meets their customers’ needs and drives end-to-end efficiencies.”

Source: FourKites