Rhenus expands Road Freight business sites network

The Rhenus Group is broadening its network of business locations in Germany for (inter)national road freight by expanding two of its business sites. While a new logistics facility is being built in Nuremberg with modern warehouse, handing and office spaces, Rhenus is expanding its existing logistics facility at its business site in Dietzenbach in aims to meet the growing demand for warehouse and handling space.

The new logistics facility with a transhipment and warehouse building is being constructed in Nuremberg on an area measuring almost 17,000 sqm. It aims to provide interim storage at short notice for goods that have been transported there, and prepare products for (inter)national road freight services, even if they have been in store at the high-shelf warehouse for quite some time. Overall, almost 25,000 sqm of logistics space will be available for the different divisions once the building has been completed. The general contractor, Max Bögl, which has its headquarters in Nuremberg, is responsible for constructing the new facility. 

 The new feature of the business site is that it will be possible to store both hazardous goods and products from pharmaceutical companies with special temperature requirements. The goods from customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are subject to many different legal stipulations regarding storage and all of them will be met at the new logistics facility in Dietzenbach. Rhenus is working with the general contractor, Köster, in Dietzenbach.

“We’re delighted that we’re able to meet the growing demand from our customers in the business regions of Frankfurt and Nuremberg. In Dietzenbach alone, we’re expanding our space for handling operations by about 50 percent and we’re doubling our current cross dock in Nuremberg in order to particularly strengthen our presence in general cargo traffic across Germany and Europe too,” says Nenad Lukic, the Managing Director of Rhenus Road Freight, explaining the developments.

The two facilities in Nuremberg and Dietzenbach are expected to be completed during the spring of 2024. 

Source: Rhenus