The Rhenus Group participates in Rietlanden Terminals B.V.


The Rhenus Group has acquired a 49.99% shareholding in Rietlanden Terminals B.V. (“Rietlanden”), which operates two terminals located at the Port of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which is Europe’s fourth-largest Sea Port. Rhenus has acquired its shareholding from the current owner JERA Global Markets. Rhenus will acquire the remaining 50.01% in 2027. The Rhenus Group is strengthening its European network of ports through this participation and will re-develop the terminals to cope with a future without coal.

With its 49.99% stake in Rietlanden Terminals B.V., Rhenus aims to  further expand its extensive portfolio of services in the Netherlands with port handling and storage of bulk commodities in the Port of Amsterdam. Europe’s fourth-largest Sea Port is an important logistics hub and provides a central connecting point to all the important European markets. “We are delighted to welcome Rietlanden Terminals to our already extensive terminal network in Europe. Joining forces with JERA Global Markets is a natural fit, as we clearly share the same values,” says Michael Appelhans, the Managing Director of Rhenus Ports. JERA Global Markets will remain the controlling majority shareholder of Rietlanden until 2027.

In 2017, the Port of Amsterdam announced its sustainability strategy to end coal handling by 2030. To secure the long-term future of the terminals, JERA Global Markets and Rietlanden worked together on strategic options for further positioning. Central to this: the business should be in line with corporate goals and the port’s energy transition. “We are confident that the Rhenus Group  is well-placed to maximise the value of Rietlanden Terminals, particularly from 2030 and beyond, when coal handling will be disallowed in the Port of Amsterdam,” says Justin Rowland, Chief Executive Officer of JERA Global Markets: “JERA Global Markets remains committed to our contracts with our customers in the ARA region and are focused on continuing to deliver strong value in our business partnership.”

With the addition of Rietlanden in Amsterdam, by 2027 Rhenus will double its capacity in terms of port terminal area in the Netherlands and also welcome new colleagues, who ultimately form the most important asset for the company. “This investment will be an outstanding opportunity for future growth at the Port of Amsterdam and to further expand our presence in the Netherlands in addition to our multi-purpose terminals in Rotterdam”, says Peter van der Steen, the Managing Director of Rhenus Port Logistics in the Netherlands. Rietlanden operates two terminals specialising in bulk commodities such as scrap metal and coal, and also provides additional services ranging from inland waterway shipping to handling sea freight.

The 6.5-hectare terminal in Amerikahaven is used for the handling of scrap metal together with a long-standing contractual partner. The terminal in Afrikahaven specialises in handling and mixing various types of coal. The 30-hectares site has a storage capacity of around 1.4 million tonnes. The terminal also has railway sidings where it is possible to load as many as six trains per day. “We’re going to develop the terminal in Afrikahaven and turn it into a multi-user terminal that focuses on storing and transhipping more environmentally friendly bulk commodities,” says Peter van der Steen.

Source: Rhenus