Ti Talks Supply Chains


Episode 18: European Road Freight Rates: Pricing trends and analysis


Episode 17: Made in policies #3: Can India compete with China?


Episode 16: Made in policies #2: Can the EU restrict Italy’s reshoring plans?


Episode 15: Made in policies #1: The language of supply chain diplomacy


Episode 14: Ocean, Air & Road Freight Trackers Q3


Episode 13: Why do warehouse costs continue to rise?


Episode 12: How is a volatile automotive sector impacting logistics?


Episode 11: Why is road freight recovery weak? Plus latest air rate tracker data


Episode 10: China opposes move to new fuels in shipping


Episode 9: How are biopharmaceuticals changing big pharma supply

Episode 8: Road freight rates: Spot & contract rates falling quarter-on-quarter

Episode 7: How is China’s trajectory impacting emerging economies?


Episode 6: Rising road freight capacity & US export bans on China


Episode 5: Swipe right: 2023 Technology Trends

Episode 4: GSCi News: 2023 growth and beyond: Express, Freight Forwarding, Contract & Road Freight

Episode 3: Road freight rates: why are they so volatile?



Episode 2: GSCi news: Freight forwarding market to contract by 2.4%

Episode 1: Contract logistics data & the democratisation of tech