Toll Group unveils new high-tech control room

Toll group

Toll Group has developed its first Australian Control Room in Melbourne. The aim of the new Control Room is to improve safety and to try to increase the efficiency of deliveries throughout the country. The Control Room will operate 24/7, every day of the year, and forms part of Toll’s broader eight year $1.6bn investment in new fleet and equipment.

Providing real time information, the Control Room will be responsible for monitoring fleet location, delivery times, engine performance, driver fatigue and distractions, speed events, and incident analysis. The software integrates data from multiple sources including Toll’s in-truck telematics, which is then displayed on the 9.5 metre interactive touch screen.

Staffed by 24 specialist analysts, planners and operational personnel, the Control Room comes as Toll prepares for the Christmas season where Toll expects the number of linehaul movements to surge by up to 40%.

Toll also announced that it will partner with the Australian Government under a new telematics data sharing project that aims to improve road safety and infrastructure planning.

“Our new Toll Control Room is a major milestone for our company and the businesses we support throughout the country,” said Toll President of Group Operational Services, Peter Stokes. “Using data and digital technologies, the Control Room allows the Toll team to view and respond to any safety or operational issue across the country.”

Source: Toll Group