Trans-o-flex Express develops its own product for deliveries to private households

Trans-o-flex has started construction for a new logistics centre in Hessen and is intended to increase efficiency of the Express and ThermoMed networks.

Trans-o-flex Express has introduced its new “Private Delivery” service. “This B2C product will make it possible for us to optimally meet the growing demand for residential deliveries.” commented Wolfgang P. Albeck, Chief Executive Officer of trans-o-flex. 

It should also be possible to combine active temperature control or express services with home deliveries, thus, for example, ensuring maximum patient safety with respect to sensitive pharmaceuticals.

With the new “Private Delivery” service, trans-o-flex wants to take the special conditions of such deliveries into account: that there are no fixed opening hours during which deliveries can be made, that private recipients are often not at home when their shipments arrive, that fewer packages are delivered per address or that the journeys are often longer.

“In the future, customers will be able to mark a shipment as a private delivery already during data transmission”, explained Albeck. “This shipment will then be automatically invoiced with the amount agreed for private recipients.” According to Albeck, this price will always be lower than where the shipments have not been marked as home deliveries. “If the driver recognizes that he is delivering to a home address that is not marked as such, a standard surcharge will be charged for the delivery, which includes an administrative surcharge.”

In order to avoid the possibility that the drivers marks addresses as private addresses without justification, they were given specific training from May 2018 onwards.

Source: Trans-o-flex