UPS on-demand 3D printing network expanded to Asia

UPS partner Fast Radius will open a 3D printing factory in a UPS facility in Singapore by the end of this year, expanding the UPS on-demand 3D printing network to Asia. UPS also will establish an Advanced Solutions team in Asia to create a Centre of Excellence that develops supply chain solutions and promotes wider applicability of 3D printing with customers. Businesses can use the Fast Radius On Demand Production Platform to produce industrial parts, which are expedited for delivery via UPS’s global and intra-Asia transportation network.

“At UPS, we are embracing disruptive technologies and integrating them into our global logistics network. We believe that much like ecommerce digitized and transformed retail, 3D printing will have a similar impact on manufacturing”, said Ross McCullough, President of UPS Asia Pacific Region. ”UPS is the first integrated logistics provider to establish an on-demand 3D printing manufacturing and logistics network in Asia,” he added.

“UPS’s 3D printing Centre of Excellence reinforces Singapore as an innovation-driven economy,” said Michelle Ho, Managing Director of UPS in Singapore. “Having Fast Radius’ factory connected to UPS’s network means customers can send their 3D printing orders by 5 p.m. and have them delivered to their customers in most major Asian cities within 24 hours. The automotive, high tech, aeronautic and aviation, healthcare and retail industries have a lot of opportunity to take advantage of this type of manufacturing.”

Source: UPS